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ESI is committed to providing you with the best that this industry has to offer. We approach every project with a focus on aesthetics, functionality, cost, and attention to detail that is unsurpassed.

Barry Seidl President
I have worked on many installation projects throughout my career. I began as an independent contractor and was soon responsible for the overall management of the entire installation division.  I now oversee all projects.  I have managed several projects simultaneously with budget considerations and have never missed a deadline. 

James Hardesty
James Hardesty is a Partner with ESI. He joined our firm in 2010, and was named project manager. Mr. Hardesty specializes in structural code compliance, project management, and construction coordination.  He has over 30 years of experience in the construction industry. 

Prior to joining ESI Mr. Hardesty worked for over 25 years for J-Town contractors overseeing large scale construction projects.

James Coomes
James is a field leader that has been servicing the installation industry for the past five years.  His leadership in the field is un-surpassed.  James also handles logistics, shipping, inventory control, and transportation coordination.

Tim Brown
Tim is the newest member of our installation team.  He specializes in the floor finishing and concrete polishing division.  Tim also specializes in the construction industry, code compliance and project management.
Mr. Brown brings with him over 35 years of experience in the construction industry and his attention to detail is un-surpassed.

Corey Seidl
Corey has been with ESI since it's inception.  He began his career as a team member and is now a lead installer.  Corey is currently working toward his degree in construction and logistics management. 

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